What Are Apple-Head Chihuahuas?

When you want to purchase a Chihuahua you will come across various marketing ploys. Terms like; toy, apple-head, and various others will begin to surface. Heck, there are even teacup Chihuahuas out there, but the prefix has nothing to do with the breed itself. So what is an apple-head Chihuahua?

Well, all this refers to is the actual shape of their head. This usually means there is a small depression on their head and the jaw of the puppy isn’t as broad as the skull, it tends to look like an apple. By the way, the small depression on the head is similar to the human baby, which is called the molera.

Some people think this is a negative when looking over a Chihuahua, but in actuality it has no bearing on the puppy’s pedigree. When you’re looking for a new puppy to purchase it’s important to remember this instead of thinking something is wrong with the him or her.

If you look at the standards of the American Kennel Club (AKC), there are only two different types of Chihuahuas. You can either purchase a short-haired version or a long-haired one. When you look at the “apple-head” this term is used by the AKC in their categories. It is said that they believe an apple-head Chihuahua should have a well rounded ‘apple dome,’ but in no way does it mean there is a problem with the puppy.

The most interesting part of these particular puppies is that the shape can go away. All you have to do is over feed them and the shape will eventually diminish. Unfortunately this could create health issues down the road, which is something that should be considered in all dog breeds. Just like adults deal with obesity, the Chihuahuas will have to as well. The AKC will tell you that the optimal weight is around six pounds.

No matter what you think about apple-head Chihuahuas, they are very popular. If you decide they are the perfect fit for you it will be important to provide them with the proper care that is needed to give them a healthy lifestyle. These little dogs have huge personalities, which can get them into trouble sometimes.

In the end, it’s all about doing the proper research to make sure your apple-head Chihuahua has the best life possible. If you can do this then we know you will enjoy every minute with your new little pet.

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