Chihuahua Dogs – Small Dog Syndrome

Chihuahua Dogs - Small Dog Syndrome

You’ve heard the saying, “treat everyone the same?” This should also hold true for dogs regardless of whether they are small or large in size. Believe it or not – dogs are often stereotyped in similar manners as people. Our perceptions about the behavior of small chihuahua dogs versus large ones might lead us to false conclusions about whether it’s friendly. Some negative and false perceptions of small pets are they bark more frequently than larger dogs and that they’re meaner due to their lack of size. On the flip side, large dog owners hear about how their pets look like vicious killers that are ready to pounce on their prey, shredding it to pieces. Perceptions about small and large dogs are just that..perceptions. The truth of the matter is the behavior of dogs – from their perspective – has absolutely nothing to do with their size, as you will soon understand.

Believe it or not, the behavior of dogs is relatively consistent. In comparison, it is really not much different than people. We have our good and bad days. Our moods are up one moment and can go down the next. The reason for this is all humans come from the same species. Small and large dogs also come from the same species. In actuality, they come from a subspecies of the wolf, known more commonly as canine. The point is all dogs regardless of size do what is natural and instinctive, much like humans.

Civilized humans are expected to conduct themselves in a specific way or manner that conforms to how society functions. For the most part, it is understood by all people. The same holds true for all dogs based upon their own behavior. But as humans, we often perceive or categorize that behavior based upon their size. For example, if a large 100-pound Boxer jumps on his or her owner, it is considered to be unacceptable. However if a four-pound pet Chihuahua follows through on the same action, it is perceived by some to be, “cute,” making it okay.

The truth is the behavior of the two dogs is exactly the same. The intent of the 100-pound Boxer was to dominate his owner. The same holds true for the four-pound Chihuahua. It is the same behavior with the same intent. Yet, the perception of the large dog is that it is a killer while the perception of the smaller animal is that it is being playful.

The bottom line is that small, medium-sized, or large dogs should ever be allowed to get away with this type of behavior. Dogs don’t think about their size when they are reacting in the moment. In fact, size is not a factor in their minds. It is not uncommon to see a small dog snip at a larger one. As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether a small or large dog commits the same wrongdoing. Both should be disciplined without excuse.

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