How Old Should My Chihuahua Be Before I Get Her Spayed?

My standard chihuahua is six monthes old and weighs around 2 pounds. I want to get her fixed, but I’m not sure how old she should be before I get the surgery done.
She is small for her age and breed, so will the surgery be more risky? My vet did a very good job when my other pets were fixed, but all of them are big dogs and she is so small.
Her name is Sacha, and I love her very much and want her to be as healthy as possible. Any information is appreciated.

She’s old enough, you definately want to get it done before her first heat cycle to minimize mammary cancer or eliminate pyometria

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  • purplepaws121

    I’ve never had a small dog fixed, but any animal should be six months old (at least) before it is fixed. My friend has a Chihuahua weighing about 6 pounds and he did just fine.
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  • just married

    Mostly if its a boy

    Wait a little bit longer
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  • animal_lover2013

    a few days after you get her/him. it cant be neutered after 1 year.
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  • Mindy

    She’s old enough, you definately want to get it done before her first heat cycle to minimize mammary cancer or eliminate pyometria
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  • yorkie lover

    She is of the age to be spayed, she will soon go into heat and if you don’t want her to have puppies do it now.
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  • Susan H

    I have 3 big dogs and 2 little dogs. The norm is the animal has to be at least 6 months of age. However, since your dog is so small I would take her to the vet for their advise.
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  • chihuahua lady

    Surgery is riskier with smaller pups. I had a 3 lb girl that I waited until she was 4 yr old to have her done because I was scared I would lose her. She did fine. I know a couple of people who had smaller chis that had the surgery and did okay. I would just talk it over with your vet and see what they say. Surgery always carries a risk, for animals and humans. You have to decide whether you are willing to risk the surgery or not. It is always the anesthesia that gets them. It is hard to know exactly how much to give one too small. If they get too much, they may not wake up. Good luck with Sacha!

    I have been raising chis for over 8 yr.
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  • Kelly F

    She is at just the right age to have her spayed (around 6 months) and you want to make sure you do it before she goes into heat. Check out this web site for more information:
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  • bbyxluceee

    I adopted my chihuahua when he was 3 months, and he was already neutered, so I think it is safe for you to get her spayed some time before 3 months. However, someone told me you should spay your dog after 5 months.
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  • Husky_luver

    5 m
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  • Eskimo Mom

    You can have her fixed anytime after 4mo of age. Better sooner than later to prevent problems. Talk to her vet & see if he can perform the surgery since she is small for her age & breed or recommend someone who works on smaller dogs.
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  • LordTool

    Quietly over the past twenty-five to thirty years a few progressive animal shelters began various early sterilization programs with uniformly consistent success stories. If they are spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter … they cannot become contributors. Puppies and kittens are being neutered as young as six to eight weeks. The development of new anesthetics and surgical procedures has made these procedures as safe or safer than the commonly accepted time of six months. The younger patients recover faster and have fewer surgical and post-surgical complications than their older counterparts. There is very little to no body fat to contend with, the incision is smaller, surgery time is reduced and recovery time is very short.

    Hope this helps! The younger the better. =]]
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  • Lucy

    Around six months is fine
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  • JTBW

    I work for a vet and we spay as early as 4 months or 4 pounds, whichever comes first. So, at 6 months, your puppy is old enough.
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    Ask you vet,but I’m pretty sure it is after her first heat.
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