Cesar Millan and Small Dog Demon Chihuahua, Dogs Training

2 Cesar Millan and small dog Demon Chihuahua, dogs traininghttp://www.cesarmillaninc.com/
Cesar Millan Center – Dog Psychology Center for Dogs featuring Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and National Geographic Channel.

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  • MrHash911

    Nah he is just …
    Nah he is just trying to trigger the behavior. Check out the chick with the blind dog (dont remember which episode) now that is one e should have felt up.

    Plus the women are obviously lesbians.

  • dynastyofnext

    cesars jus feeling …
    cesars jus feeling up on the women more than training the dog lol. It seems like a peaceful dog they jus kept ing it off.

  • id0069

    If you google ” …
    If you google “inhumane, outdated, and improper” you’ll find a copy of a letter sent NatGeo from HS. I’ve seen a bit more on it, but don’t remember where. The reason all the professional orgs like HS, SPCA etc prefer pos rein is that the peer-reviewed science indicates it is more effective and less dangerous. The HW isn’t really relevant, but Monty Roberts rocks! Cesar has some knowledge, but the stories he tells are misleading and his methods are ineffective and sometimes cruel/dangerous.

  • WanderMono

    Give me proof and …
    Give me proof and then ill believe you on that one.He was practically raised by dogs.Just like the horse whisperer, he observed them together for years before ever doing anything professional. Is the HW critisized because he does it his unique way?Anywhere where someone disagrees they are going to use thier power against it.HS is a wonderful org, but just because the people there favor pos.rein. training means nothing. I thk som1 who studied dogs as much as him knows what hes talking about.

  • id0069

    The disclaimer was …
    The disclaimer was put there to avoid liability, but it was done at the request of the HS. From what I recall, the HS was given some early episodes before the show first aired. HS wanted the show canceled. If so many professional orgs are critical of his methods, perhaps people should start paying attention to his lack of credibility. His stories about pack leaders and dominance have been scientifically proven false. It is based solely on myths and legends. A lot of what he knows is not true.

  • WanderMono

    No, it says it …
    No, it says it because of the liablility just incase someone decides to try his techniques and doen’t know what they’re doing. NatGeo doesn’t care what the SPCA, HS, or CPDT thinks, that’s what animal planet is for. Those are opinions, anyway, and don’t have basis in his credibility. When a dog is walking beside you he can’t see if you’re tense, he can feel it. Cesar millan has been working with and saving dogs and owners for 20+ years, I think he knows a bit more than you do about dogs.

  • WanderMono

    I suggest you read …
    I suggest you read his newest book, A Member of the Family, it will help you a whole lot more in choosing the right dog than Cesar’s Way will. Stay calm and ertive! Make sure your whole family participates in raising and maintaining blance for the dog.

  • xxmb65

    i don’t care much …
    i don’t care much for cesar, tamar geller is better

  • id0069

    The show says to …
    The show says to consult a professional because of the Humane Society. NatGeo also knew people would try Cesar’s idiotic ideas, get hurt doing so, and that could expose them to legal liability.
    The Humane Society refers to Millans techniques as “inhumane, outdated, and improper”. The SPCA, CPDT and other professional organizations are all critical of him and his methods. He is an outcast in his own profession.
    Dogs read and react to body language. All his talk about energy is nonsense.

  • JJPAxorrrr

    I am reading his …
    I am reading his book, Cesar’s Way, and I’m learning sooooooo much – not just about dogs, but also about people.
    I looked at the first page of comments, and I am very glad to see that there are so many long responses!
    I ca’t wait to be able to get a dog, ’cause then i’ll KNOW how he or she can be happy, while I am also happy!
    If I say anything more, I won’t be able to stop; so, i’ll just say:
    Thanx to Cesar Millan. I want to be like U when I grow up, and I LOVE yur show! ^_^

  • greggolad

    The dog needs a …
    The dog needs a slap – FACT

  • foltano

    LOL @ Disgusting.
    LOL @ Disgusting.

  • max887

    why are they crying …
    why are they crying ?!

  • WanderMono

    They may know we …
    They may know we LOOK different, but they relate to us just the same. Do dogs not sniff our butts just because we are humans? no! It’s selfish of us to try and make a dog learn another way other than it’s own just because we don’t like the way they do it. Energy is in ALL animals, not just dogs, so they understand our energy as well as their own. Someone who doesn’t have experience with don’t shouldn’t put a dog on it’s back.
    That’s why the show always says to consult a professional.

  • WhoIsSean

    It dosnt upset me …
    It dosnt upset me but your dog knows you arnt a dog therefor dosnt know that it needs to surrender to you, so you have to make it. There are other (more effective)ways to gain respect than flipping a dog up and laying it on its back and putting yourself into possible danger.

    You clearly think you know what you are doing and talking about so this is pointless.

  • ChilenoPiscean22

    Human or animal, we …
    Human or animal, we all understand energy.
    The perfect little world you live in doesnt exsist and never will. What are you going to do, sit dogs down and learn a new language with them? Commands dont mean anything unless the animal respects you.
    The point of dominace is not to scare a dog and have it fear you, its to have it surrender to you, and later reward the good behaviour. Learn how to comprehand ideas in full before cherry picking what upsets you.

  • WhoIsSean

    Humans arnt dogs …
    Humans arnt dogs and they know that. We need to make our own language so to speak, so we can interact with them. Rather than scaring an even more scared dog thats a fraction of our size you show it that if its agressive it dosnt get what it wants and thats to stay up on the sofa.

  • ChilenoPiscean22

    Seems to me the dog …
    Seems to me the dog would understand: growl,agressive = penalty. In this case a pin down or a physical correction.

    You really dont give animals any credit.

    Physical correction is known everywhere in the animal kingdom, i dont see many aniamls picking each other up and placing them somewhere else and expect them to stay or even understand why it happened….

  • ChilenoPiscean22

    A dog that is …
    A dog that is fighten will still bite, infact they are more likely to bite and try and defend themseleves. You have none or very poor understanding of the canine family.
    So Shhhhh we are here to see a man who knows what he is doing, not listen to your ignorance.

  • kotonete83

    and NuNo on the …
    and NuNo on the lead! Grrrrgrgrgrgrgrrr

  • dangerperry

    haha why is the …
    haha why is the roommate crying

  • Mahoolipoodles

    What absolute …
    What absolute rubbish, the comments he makes show a complete lack of understanding dog behaviour. The dog is frightened NOT dominant (anyone upto date with dog behaviour knows this is a fallacy in any event) then he states he’s not using force. Pinning a dog down so it can’t move IS using force. The poor dog is terrified of him. The most telling statement was saying ‘see he’s given up’. Giving up is NOT a cure! The poor animal has shut down. He should be ashamed of himself!

  • JustinFromSydney

    I’d like to see him …
    I’d like to see him treat a doberman with the same problem in the same way.

  • Acuepk


    Crazy …

    Crazy chihuahua * : D *.
    Saw this back in late 2004 and I laughed HARD, when I saw this dog trying to bite Cesar.

    *Pure Demon Chihuahua at 7:10 !!!*

    I heard on this episode of the dog whisperer, that the chihuahua was abused before its owner on this video took him in. So that would have to explain at least 50% of the reason why the dog was so aggressive to other people. But not so much of nervousness because that’s common to these kinds of dogs.
    I always see chihuahuas nervous.

  • annimon

    I think this is a …
    I think this is a better way for an anxious dog. If putting a dog on the floor worked , there would be no aggressive dogs, plus it’s a system that only works if you’re carrying a dog or it’s on the furniture, no good if the animal becomes aggressive on the floor. A submissive dog is a happy relaxed dog, a dog put on the floor is a rejected dog and it’s anxieties not addressed.